'Her Lines' Series

                               Shown at Medium Studio & Gallery in OKC. Sold Out.

            "Where you've nothing else construct ceremonies out of the air and breathe upon them." - Cormac McCarthy

                                                                             "Her Lines" (4'x8'x4")

 "Where  (4'x4'x3")

construct (4'x4'x3")

out  (4'x4'x3") 

breathe  (4'x4'x3")

of (4'x4'x3")

you've (4'x2'x3")

else (4'x2'x3")

apon  (4'x2'x3")

and  (4'x2'x3")

Taken by my six year old son, Titus. We had just delivered the paintings to the gallery. I was writing titles on the backs of the paintings. 

               nothing (4'x2'x3")

          ceremonies (4'x2'x3")

                 the  (4'x2'x3")

                        air  (4'x2'x3")

                                         them  (4'x4'x3")