LeAnne Henry Wright

Above: Sitting on one of latest sculptures. Found here in Oklahoma standing 188 yr old Sycamore set to be burned. This installation along with additional table displayed beside it just the first of many pieces to be birthed from the rescue.
Above:   Portrait of me with "Letter To Luke"
(Letter To Luke prints now available)
Right Top:   Latest commission, "Population 32"
Right Bottom:   Latest furniture design. "Oklahoma Tornado"


With my friends Marty Peercy & Josh Campbell from SIPS and Tim Sean Youmans of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Both were sponsors of a previous show and last series:

            'FORWARD MOTION'

Sips Downtown Cafe

114 East Main * Shawnee, Ok

Sips, just one and half blocks from my studio, has become my "Cheers"...they know more than just my name. 

Solo Show, 'Her Lines', at MEDIUM  in Oklahoma City

Click on "Her Lines" tab at top of page for full catalog of sold out show.

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"My work is my effort to be honest -- an expression
that everything I ever was, I'll always be."